Training for Primary Teachers -Music Composition in the Classroom

This training is designed to provide primary teachers with both the tools and the support they need to teach the composition strand of the primary music curriculum more successfully and more confidently. It will demonstrate a unique and simple, practical approach to teaching composition with a focus on music as a collaborative and interpersonal activity.

Developed over many years of music facilitation practice in classrooms and other group settings, this model for teaching music composition in the classroom is based on simplicity of approach while expressing creativity through enjoyment.

Drawing on her skills in performance, improvisation and communication, the facilitator has put together a programme that is both fun and compelling and which makes the process of composing in the classroom – as a previous participant put it – ‘simple and achievable’.

The training is delivered in such a way that all participants can acquire these new skills and concepts regardless of their previous knowledge of music. In addition, all of the participants will discover that their new skills are easily sustainable and have very clear potential for further development.

Having completed the course you will have learned:

  • A new definition of music composition and a simple approach to some of the most important basic elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, structure and dynamics.
  • A clear and simple methodology that does not rely on or restrict itself to any particular musical genre or terminology; a methodology that provides the tools to explore basic musical ideas as well as to come up with original ideas and develop them into larger pieces.
  • The tools required to direct and facilitate the creation of a wide range of soundscapes with the use of voice, percussion, chime bars, and other musical instruments.